Networked Klimt


The most important thing in the 21st century, is to be connected, or as it is said in IT jargon, networked. Interestingly, the concept of “networked”  is also used when explaining relationships in society, so if you are not “networked” you are not up to date with things and events around you. You are not capable to be part of society, you live out of social movements, simply put, you are antisocial, you are not fit to establish contacts, expand your circle of friends, share common interests, create worlds together, as if you do not exist. You do not exist, nor will you ever be.By creating “network,” we are incredibly capable of leaving traces of our presence, as the only constant that is the same for the humans everywhere in the world – is the art of making garbage. Klimt is a metaphor here. A beacon of reality surrounded by garbage. Yet like Klimt, it is part of our common legacy. We are networked.